Why SUV Cars Become a Primadonna in Indonesia?

Why SUV Cars Become a Primadonna in Indonesia?
No one thought if Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018 would pick the most affordable SUV car as the Best SUV in the event. On its first debut at IIMS, DFSK Glory 580 is able to grab the attention of visitors and become a star in 7 seaters SUV segment. This fact seems to reinforce the trend of SUV or sport utility vehicle as a type of car that is increasingly in demand by Indonesian consumers.  
SUV Trend is Skyrocketing in Indonesia 
In recent years, SUVs have started to become a trend among Indonesian automotive consumers. Consumers are always keen to take a glance at the existing SUV models in the market, while manufacturers are competing to release new SUVs for this stretched market. The world trend of SUV may be the one that creates the hype of SUV trend amongst domestic consumers.
Two years ago, KBB/Autotrader has conducted studies in connection with the automotive and consumer industries in America. The result concluded that Generation Z, who were born from 1995 onwards, has now entered the legal permitted age to drive a car. Well, apparently this Z Generation want a tough and fierce car, so that they looks cool when driving.  
In the future, it is predicted that the world's SUV trends will continue to roll and the SUV will slowly get rid of the denomination of other types such as sedans or hatchbacks. If the global market is already oriented to the SUV, just wait for the Indonesian market to reach the same point.  
Gabungan Industri Otomotif Indonesia (Gaikindo) has also expressed its support to follow the trend of SUVs as a global trend. Gaikindo officially confirmed to support the Brand Holder Agent (BHA) in Indonesia to popularize the SUV in this country. For Gaikindo, if they support the global trend, it will certainly provide a positive trend for the domestic industry.
The strong support from Gaikindo is reasonable. One of Gaikindo's expectations is that the Indonesian automotive industry is growing and able to defeat the automotive industry of the neighboring countries in the global arena. For now, at least Indonesia wants to beat Thailand's dominance in the Asia-Pacific market.  
From the current conditions, the trend of MPV cars is still strong in Indonesia, but because the global market do not like MPV that much, it clearly affects the car industry exports. If manufacturers only sell domestically, how can the Indonesian automotive industry grow rapidly and win in the global competition? This is why Gaikindo fully supports the trend of SUV in Indonesia.  
Gaikindo hopes, if car manufacturers in Indonesia produce a lot of SUV cars that are trending in the global market, the potential to compete in the global competition will be bigger. The opportunity to export cars abroad is still wide open. Following the death of automotive manufacturers in Australia which widely open the chance to exports car to the Land of the Kangaroo.  
SUV Competition with Other Car Segments 
  • SUV vs MPV 
This trending SUV is inevitably affect other types of cars that are marketed in Indonesia. One of the most noticeable is in the Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment. Eventhough MPV still dominate sales in the Indonesian automotive market, but the increase in SUV sales continues to skyrocket and is very likely to replace the MPV as the king of the market. 
The reason the SUV began to shift the MPV on the throne of popularity can not be separated from the character of Indonesian consumers themselves. Consumers who lives in the rural area like a tough and spacious car, that can face any obstacles in any terrain and can carry a lot of passengers.
Predictably, the need for passenger cars is the reason why MPV can dominate the current car sales. But now, the 7 seaters SUV has started to emerge, which can answer those needs. The toughness of SUV that exceed MPV is enough to shift the trend.
  • SUV vs. Sedan 
The rising popularity of SUVs also left the Sedan behind. Research from IHS Markit in 2017 shows that the loyalty of SUV owners is increasing, while the Sedan is getting down. 
This could be influenced by the growing middle class economy in Indonesia. The middle class usually feels the responsibility to buy a luxurious Sedan. But they also feels that it is not wise to spend money on an upscale Sedan.
SUVs provide better offers for consumers who have these considerations. If the budget is very strict, there is a low SUV that still presents the impression of tough and modern car. For the middle-class economy, this SUV segment is in the value for money category.  
Affordable SUV Cars are Popular in Indonesia 
So what is the most afforadable and popular SUV in Indonesia? Jakarta’s best SUV is very worth considering. Why? Because as the center of the economy as well as the automotive center of Indonesia, Jakarta’s best SUV is always become the benchmark before other regions. Well, the best way to get a picture of a trendy and popular SUV is to look at any cheap SUV car that is in the most prestigious automotive event in Indonesia, the IIMS 2018. Here are some highlights of it.  
  • Honda BR-V 2018 
The design of BR-V 2018 is not too different from the previous series. But, it is now present a new facelift that makes it look more sporty and more likeable for the SUV enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can feel the advantages of the processor of this car. With 6 speeds in manual and CVT versions for the automatic version, the BR-V 2018 is capable of generating up to 120 PS. Honda BR-V 2018 price in the market ranges from Rp 233 million to 268 million.  
  • Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 2018 
After a year wandering in the global market, this year, 2018 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross with the latest facelift appear in Indonesia. The new exterior, which is slick and fresh, become the mainstay that carried Suzuki to compete with other low SUV. As for the processor, this car have not undergone any change. Through this Suzuki M15A engine, you get a maximum power of 109 PS at 6,000 rpm with 5 speed manual gearbox and 6 acceleration for the matic version. The price, pegged from Rp 256 million to 285 million.
  • Daihatsu All New Terios 
Comes with renewal on the exterior and interior, Daihatsu All New Terios is like fulfilling the expectations of Terios lovers since the previous generation. With a better level of comfort and the latest features such as the new Around View Camera that accompany the rear view camera. The processor of this car is actually normal, which only capable to achieve 104 PS maximum power at 6,000 rpm. But with the price that ranges from Rp 195 million to Rp 227 million, it still is worth it, really! Especially as the twin of Toyota All New Rush, Terios could be a cost-effective way to feel the benefits of SUVs Daihatsu and Toyota's cooperation.   
  • Toyota All New Rush 
Designed in unison with All New Terios makes All New Rush has a dashing design like his brother. The masculine aura of this car does seem reduced, but it also added the sweet vibe for the family adventure. This SUV now has a capacity of 7 passengers, which is fit for the whole family. The loss of rear tires on the back is also a plus for consumers who like modern minimalist design. The new 2NR-VE engine with Rush's dual VVT-i is capable of generating power up to 104 PS. The price of All New Toyota Rush in the market ranges from Rp 233 million to 268 million.  
  • Chevrolet Trax 
Launched with a new color variant and full features plus a typical classy sunroof, Chevrolet Trax is considered to have more value in the market. With a price that ranges from Rp 286 million to Rp 314 million OTR, you can get a SUV with a maximum power of 140 PS at 6,000 rpm through 1.4 L ECOTEC Turbocharged engine. You will also be amazed by the interior, that have a fresh update in the 2018 version, a spacious cabin complete with telescopic steering that will add to your driving comfort.  
  • DFSK Glory 580 
DFSK Glory 580 debuted in Indonesia through IIMS 2018. Targeting the medium segment of SUV 7 seaters, this car is not exactly cheap even though the price is more affordable than the SUV class. In terms of design, processer and features,  this 7 seaters SUV is already practically complete! Even the highest variant that was released during IIMS 2018, have new and sophisticated features that you usually only find in premium-class cars.
Features like tire pressure monitoring system, vehicle running recorder, smartkey, and electric sunroof; is obviously hard to get in other medium class SUVs. To create more luxurious impression, Glory 580 was equipped with modern exterior and interior design. An audio system is also equipped with LCD touchscreen, which allows the user to use internet connection.  
For a medium size SUV, the processor is not dissapointing at all. 1.5 L turbocharged engine with embedded CVT technology was immersed to generate power up to 150 PS! This is of course a very encouraging news, considering the price of this car is only ranging from Rp 245 million to Rp 308 million.
Especially today, Chinese automotive manufacturers are proving to the world that their production can not be underestimated as it once was. Quality has become the main standard of Chinese products exported abroad, or made overseas for the strategy of suppressing production costs.  
The price of the best Jakarta’s SUV is not cheap, but it is definitely worth it. However, if you have a limited budget, the best option is probably DFSK Glory 580, the Best SUV at IIMS 2018. The price of this SUV car is not as high as other SUVs, even arguably very affordable, you know!
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