SUV 7 Seaters Car Trend that Steal the Attention of the People of Indonesia

SUV 7 Seaters Car Trend that Steal the Attention of the People of Indonesia
The automotive industry, especially family cars like 7 seaters SUV, is growing along with the middle-class economy in Indonesia. Lately the trend began to show that most families in Indonesia prefer the 7 seaters SUV than others. The emergence of SUV car this year brings a fierce battle between brands, leaving you as a happy consumer with many options that can be selected according to your taste and budget. However, before dropping the option on a particular SUV, you'll want to explore more about the development of Indonesia SUV car so you know your true choice!  

Development of SUV 7 Seaters 
Indonesia SUV cars of the 90's era until before 2000 has a plaid, strong, and stiff design. In that era, SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is mostly used for off-road or adventure purposes, like Taft, Escudo, Terrano, and others. The SUV at the times was really tight with the sporty impression for any terrain outside the city.  
SUVs in the 90's era mostly have the capacity for maximum 4 people. Most of the favorite SUV at that time only have 2 doors, making it difficult for passengers to enter the back seat. These are the times in which SUV cars was used for adventure, not for city driving. In the 2000s, SUV started to undergone some changes. Box and rigid design were abandoned. The development of increasingly sophisticated technology allows the design of SUV to be more modern and pleasing to the eye. Because of that, SUV is slowly becoming the mainstay of daily mobility in the city.  
Furthermore, consumers increasingly expect the existence of an SUV that is not only tough, but also modern and comfortable. Those needs were answered by SUV manufacturers by issuing modern SUVs that are even prepared for various segments ranging from lower, middle, and upper class. In accordance with the budget, you can get the SUV that fits best for you. Not only in the class segmentation, the public is also slowly interested to have a SUV with more seats. As a result, many manufacturers are starting out the 7 seaters SUV to answer the market needs.  
Excitingly, in 2018, appeared several new 7 seaters SUVs that enliven the SUV market in Indonesia, from Datsun Go Cross, Toyota C-HR, to DFSK Glory 580. Even at Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2018, DFSK Glory 580 was awarded as the Best SUV IIMS 2018! This is the evidence of the increasing popularity of 7 seaters SUV in Indonesia.
The Reasons why 7 Seaters SUVs are Popular in Indonesia 
  • The Capability to Carry A Lot of Items 
One of the reason why 7 seaters SUV is so popular lately in Indonesia is because of its capability to carry a lot of items. Indonesia’s consumers prefer vehicles that are capable of transporting passengers in large numbers. 
This characteristic is actually already seen long before the 7 seaters SUV popular in the market. It has been a long time since consumers in Indonesia love cars that can take their entire family to travel everywhere. That's why until now, the car type with large dimensions still sought most consumers who have married. 
The combination between the increasing purchase ability of consumers who like passanger cars a lot is the reason why manufacturers dare to bring 7 seaters SUV to the automotive market. The consumers gained benefits from the presence of a sporty impressionable car with the ability to carry more passengers than the SUV that can only carry 4 or 5 passengers.  
There are still more reason why consumers who have a family prefers SUV 7 seaters. The third bench line can usually be folded, so when no one used it, it can be used as an extra space to put your items freely. For a family that generally consists of 3 or 4 people, this advantage becomes a blessing because all the goods can be placed in the back, and each of the family members can sit with relief. 7 seaters SUV makes the dream of having a tough family car a reality!
  • Higher Ground Clearance is Better 
Another thing that makes the 7 seaters SUV more popular is because this car does not release its character as a sporty car that has a ground clearance, which makes the SUVs can perform well on uneven streets, even on semi off-road in the mountains or outside the city.  
Clearly the ground clearance of SUV 7 seaters attracts the attention of consumers due to the fact that the streets in Indonesia are more bumpy. Especially for you who live in a small town, who mostly rides on bumpy or damaged streets. Surely this is not a problem for 7 seaters SUV that have a sturdy design.  
It does not mean that other car types are not capable to face such terrain, because in fact many other types have no problem in facing bumpy city streets. But the robust SUV design that is intended to face the semi-offroad field certainly provides hope for higher durability, right? That is why, if the 7 seaters SUV has the ability to transport people or goods in large numbers and have a higher ground clearance, no wonder 7 seaters SUV more ogled.  
Moreover for family consumers who certainly have a need for recreation, 7 seaters SUVs can easily take them to many familiy destination. If you want to go to many popular theme park like Dufan in Jakarta, Trans Studio in Bandung, or Jatim Park in Malang, the car will still look elegant. Or if you want to go to the beach or the mountains to refresh your mind, 7 seaters SUV that was made for semi-off-road can also easily take you to your destination.
  • Increased SUV Markets 
It's no secret that the automotive market is very dynamic. Car trends are changing from time to time. There was an era in which one type of car was popular, while others did not. Well, now, the SUV is a segment that consumers are looking for. Many manufacturers also claim that the current market is running to the SUV. Automatically, the 7 seaters SUV also become popular. Especially with the consideration of many loads and features or better design, the 7 seaters SUV is directly in the path of popularity.  
For manufacturers, why introduce a new model of another type if the current market is running into the SUV? For producers, the success of cars selling is not just in the products they produce, but also from the right timing of the product launching. Well, if the current SUV market is on the rise, the producers will fill the market and try to popularize it.  
  • 7 Seaters SUV with Affordable Price 
It is true that SUV is an expensive car considering the design characteristics intended for an adventure in semi off-road terrain. However, as the trend is running into the SUV, lately automotive manufacturers began to launch various variants of SUV 7 seaters to fill the low SUV segment. Consequently, consumers can choose SUV without having to spend too much money. This is the reason why the 7 seaters SUV is getting popular. Followed by the medium and high segment of 7 seaters SUV that now comes with a relatively affordable price.
The fact that the 7 seaters SUV comes with affordable price, it is no wonder why its popularity is increasing in Indonesia. This affordable price that spread through words of mouth makes a lot of people interested in buying this car. 
Is 7 Seaters SUV Really Suitable in Indonesia?
Of course! The answer can be seen from at least two sides, namely consumers and producers. From the consumer side, the skyrocketing popularity of the 7 seaters SUV itself is the answer that SUV 7 seaters fit the market in Indonesia. The excellent design and the capability to carry many passengers are two of the many advantages of SUV 7 seaters compared to other types. 
Furthermore, from the manufacturer side, the circulation of various variants of SUV 7 seaters is a proof that the manufacturer was sure that their products would be favored by consumers. If not suitable in Indonesia, why the producers are vying to release SUV 7 seaters lately? Because the manufacturer does not want to release a car that would not sell in the market right? Through the skyrocketing popularity of this 7 seaters SUV, many are worried that other types of markets will be eroded. With a more seductive offer in terms of toughness and prestige alone, of course people will choose SUV compared to other types under it. With prices that are not far adrift, why not buy SUV?  
Regarding these concerns, it seems that the producers are not too anxious. For manufacturers, SUVs and other types of cars are still in different segments, and for now, there are still other types of salespeople in Indonesia. But that does not mean that this position can not be shifted. From JATO Dynamics data, the global car sales market is dominated by the SUV segment. In 2017, global SUV sales rose 12.7% over the previous year. It is not impossible if the Indonesian market will experience the same thing. SUV segment is still a great opportunity to replace other types of cars.
Accessed on: Mei 31, 2018
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